Thursday, September 27, 2012

A quick HELLO from a yarnpile.

One more to go.

I have lived in a yarnpile the last week and today it's time to look around to see what happens in the world. I've had lots of fun making these pillows, the process of choosing the next color is so satisfying. Most of the yarn is from the lot that was given to me, but I bought some to make it even more colorful. In the one below I bought the turquoise and I feel it added just what I was aiming for. This pillow has a summery feel to it I think.

Next photo shows the reverse side.   

Here are the three I've made so far.  I'm going to make one more like the smallest one. In that one I added the offwhite color and am happy on how it worked out. These colors are not my favs, but I have alot of them so I have to try using them. It might well be someone elses favs.

Last photo shows the reverse of the smallest one.

This afternoon I'm going to visit my Moster, it's her Birthday today. And coming Saturday my mom is leaving for Mallorca again, so I'll have to spend some time with her as well. Otherwise my life is good and I so much appreciate the freedom to do whatever I want to.

I hope life smiles to you too!!

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  1. These pillows are gorgeous!! The colors are so happy and bright and I love all the designs. Who could have a bad day if they had one of these pillows?