Sunday, September 2, 2012

Being trapped.

This is how I made it, how did it look in your mind?


Todays work is the purest monkey-business. A monkey and a jellyfish, not the most obvious couple I would say. I'm pleased on how this turned out, for a moment I thought of making the monkey a chef with the jellyfish as his chef hat.  It suited me better this way ( no arms, legs and body), make some strings around him and he's trapped. I'm not too happy about the plait though, but it's all just phantasy so it doesn't matter.

Can you see his fear for that string closing in on his eye? In person this painting looks interesting, simple but still detailed and things to wonder about.

I do  make a lot more than I show you here, and now it was time to do it a bit different. This new tecknique make me curious and I will try it alot more. Below is my first attempt (startpoint) I'll tell you more about the tecknique tomorrow.

Have a creative Sunday!

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