Thursday, September 20, 2012

Colors, colors, colors.

I was in such need of colors that I forgot to post about what I'm doing.

It went well last Sunday sharing the family story and after that I've been crocheting. It's such a reliefe to just create without any specific goal in mind. The big piece in the photo will end as a pillowcase. I'll probably make another one where I'll plan a bit more.
It's so fun making this with all the colors involved. Stripes of different designs, trying out things I can in a new way. I have several kinds of effect yarn which I'll use in my next one. It might become something useful.

The patches with the round shapes within I found via internet and had to try if I could do them. I could! This weekend Sandra is coming and we have to finish her poster. In Octobre she is going to exhibit all her products and that will be fun to see. I'll photograph it all and share her results.
Right now I'm eager to start crocheting again so I'll leave for that.

Have a joyful day everyone.

1 comment:

  1. Looking at all these beautiful, bright, happy colors makes me want to find my crochet hooks...but the weather is still too hot for me to think about trying to crochet. When the yarn sticks to my hands I know I will have to wait for cooler temperatures before starting a project.