Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What a messy day.......

Today I was going to make some paper, I had to try before Sandra is going to learn it. I spent at least an hour to rip up my eggboxes in small pieces. I watered them and let them soak another hour. Then I used my ( don't know the name in English) but translated from my language it will be stickmixer. Amongs other things it's used for cutting things. Those pieces that wasn't already resolved was cut by my tool. Then I had to add the right amount of water. I've never done this before so I had to try my way.
The well made frames came to use, and everything ended in a big mess. I stood into my elbows in mess before I had to sit down and laugh. If anyone had seen me........... I almost couldn't stop laughing. Thank God I did this before Sandra was going to. The main problem was the frames, I had used some fabric that tended to stretch too much. So I have to put something stronger/not bendable on the frames. Then I'll try again.

Later on I had to finish the shawl I've been knitting and this evening I finally found some time to paint again. Nothing big but useful as practice in making shadows. I really need to practice that alot more.

Can you see the uneven paper? My sketchbook isn't ment for watercolours. But, this time that came to my benefit, it looks much more like a real leaf with these "bubbles".
Tomorrow I think I'll spend the day painting, it's so nice to do and I've been away from it too much lately.

Well, that's all for now, take care everyone!


  1. I used to make paper with a friend of mine. It was messy but a lot of fun. There are different techniques for doing it and I'm sure Google or You Tube has information on it.

    The leaf looks so real I thought it was actually a leaf laying on top of the page!

  2. lol, messy fun time! Your leaf looks so real, awesome!
    :) Have a great weekened, Laila!

  3. I'm sorry your paper making didn't work out. It is definitely a messy process, whether it works or not. My kids and I did that several years ago and I wish I could remember how we did it. It was fun, but definitely messy and needed a lot of space. Each piece of paper came out thick, we added some flowers to it, to make it decorative too. I believe we used actual screens and then let the paper dry on felt squares. I'm sure Sandra will love doing it. :)
    Your painted leaves are gorgeous. they look real. I think your shadows are perfect.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Ååå, eg også vil prøve å lage papir en gang. Får lære av dine feil jeg da, hehehhe.
    Ble helt betatt av det bladet som hopper på meg. Gubba:)