Tuesday, February 21, 2012

What a sunny day can bring.

I've been doing some fiberwork lately.
 It all began with a sunny, shiny day and I had finished off some potholders.

 The beautiful weather made me want to make some flowers and other patches. It's just so nice to sit down and make something without aiming for something special. All the beautiful colours are glowing in the sunshine and my desire to make more grows with the glowing. Before I knew I had made some great flowers and I continued the next days.

 Now I think I'll have to make another freeform handbag. It's so relaxing just to make and not have to think of a specific pattern. I should perhaps think a bit of the colour combo, but then again I'll just see how it turns out.

I had to search through my stash of yarns to find some effect yarn. The more colours and variety in texture the better. Today I was down town to buy a couple of extras. I can already see that this will become a special one, and it's about time to decide what form it shall have.
It will be a shoulderbag with long handles, so far I've come in my thinking. It probably will have a rounded shape since I prefer that to a squared one.

The photo above shows the early stage of joining the patches. I shouldn't have started that yet but I couldn't wait to see how it looks. It would have been wiser to wait until 75% of the batches were made. Then there would have been more to choose from and easier to combine. Well, it's me who make them and me who will finish it off so I guess it's ok.

I hope you are enjoying your days too!


  1. what wonderful colours - I love the patches can't wait to see the finished product.

  2. These are so beautiful, reminds me of my nana.

  3. LOVE the potholders! Looks like you're having lots of fun with yarn at the mo.