Saturday, February 11, 2012

Making shadows.

I still practise making shadows.
It's not always easy to add a shadow to a painted/drawn image. The big leaf I did the other day was quite easy because of it's form. I tried to paint a peony today, and it's far more difficult to add shadows to that image.

In addition I discovered that I didn't do it consistanly which is a must if one want it to be credible. Perhaps that should be my goal this year, to learn how to make credible shadows. Another thing I will learn this year is to paint transparant glass, like a vase or similar things. I'm so impressed by people that can do that. Perhaps it isn't difficult at all but for me it looks almost impossible. The clue is how one mix the colours and where one put the white lines I think.

Some days ago I painted my stencil leaves once more, they are really fun to make and I think they look real. Some of the shadows get the leaves stand up from the paper and it's tempting to try to grab them. Again it's an easy form to work with, but very fun though.

Have a creative weekend everyone!


  1. Lovely Laila! Learning to draw great shadows can be a bit tricky, but is so worth it. I'm still learning myself, especially with painted pieces. The key is in the layering I expect, just like everything else. Good luck!

  2. I think your flower looks beautiful and the shadows are wonderful. The leaf is very pretty, I love how it looks on the background of words too.

  3. Laila, your paintings are so beautiful, love the leaves. Love your crochet cushion with hearts too! :) Your beautiful. Laila, thank you so much! :) Julie