Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Weekend with Sandra.

Time to start Sandra's 4H projects.

This weekend we started working on Sandra's 4H projects. The first one she chose to work with was to tie a friendship bracelet. We picked her favourite colours, 5 strands of different colour. Then she started the job. It is very important how the knots are done, and that was the first thing she had to understand. She is a quick learner so it was easy showing her how to.
She is not as patient as I could whish and after a while she lost her consentration. Made some mistakes so we had to untie again. Her whole expression showed me that she didn't want to continue. I suggested a break, and she left the project at once.

After a while she continued and in fact she finished it that same day. You should have seen her, so proud of her self and the beautiful bracelet she had made. We made some plans for coming weekends and she prefers to work "hard" on Saturdays and have freetime Sundays. That's ok with me too. I think this whole thing is going to be very fun and that we both will learn new things.

A couple of hours before she should leave for home she started a new bracelet. That one is ment for her best friend. Before I knew she had made 2 inches. I didn't show her this time, so it became clear to me that she had taken the tecknique on board. Wow, I'm impressed.


I'm still hooked, making patches and other things too. Last couple of days I've made a cushion and now I work on a blanket to use on top of a baby carriage. I was given all this yarn and now I feel like using some of it. I have promised my friend to participate on this years Christmas market, so it's good all things I can do. :-) The above photo shows the cushion, I'll probably remove the blue stitches and replace them with a chain row instead. I think it will look better with a more visible blue. Below is the blanket I'm working on at the moment. You see the width here and the lenght will have something between 10 and 12 squares. And then I'll add some kind of ending edge.

I hope you all have some creative days too.


  1. Sandra's bracelet looks great! And so do your crocheted pieces. Lots of creative things going on at your house.

  2. I love the blue's in her bracelet, very pretty. She did a fantastic job. And your projects are gorgeous. You truly are so talented. Sounds like a good and productive weekend.