Sunday, February 19, 2012


Friday was a fantastic day. So many good things happened to me. I have a teacher friend that unexpectedly paid me a visit just to say hello. A male friend and his daughter came to visit too, and the young girl wanted to paint so we all did that. And then came the mailman. My February trade painting was landing in the mailbox together with a letter from Russia and a postcard from The US. What more could a person want for one day alone?

After a slow morning  my teacher friend came to visit. She is teaching a disabled boy this year, and Friday they had planned an excursion which included a visit to my place. After visiting me they drove to the sea to have a look at the waves and perhaps pick some nice stones.
My male friend Per and his daughter Klara lives in Oslo and are on a visit to Pers mother. They used an opportunety to pay me a visit too which I appreciated.
 Klara is such a sweet girl and much less shy than she was a year ago. We painted and Klara was allowed to try my twinkling watercolours. She enjoys painting but after a while she wanted to explore Sandras room and play with all the new stuff she found there. It is really amazing to observe children, how fast they can turn from one thing to another. Klara found some toys and went strait into another state of mind. She was serving coffee and the dolls got some real treatment from her. When her father told her the time had come to leave, she begged him to wait just another minute.

I'm so facinated by all this, had completely forgotten how it is to be a small child. When I'm thinking of it I can remember I was like that too. Changing the play after what possibilities the toys in front of me gave me, and never failed to make the situation real. How blessed children are to own that skill!

My friend Per is a nice guy too, in some areas we are much alike and I really can't resist his laughter. In the photo his eyes are closed, but normally he is FAR from blind. It was nice meeting with them both again.

And then the mail.

Postcard and letter from fellow postcrossers and my trade painting. This months trading was between  Julie Ann Bowden and myself. The angel Lucy light is now in my home and I'm so glad for that. Julie paints some beautiful paintings, and I'm especially drawn to her faces. It's like a miracle to be able to study one of her paintings in person. Thank you again Julie for trading with me, it almost feels like winning the lottery.

Have a dive into Julies blog and discover all her beautiful art. You won't regret using some time there.

Take care everyone!


  1. Sounds like a truly blessed and beautiful day! So happy for you and time with friends. That is always a joy. I love your trade painting, it is so pretty. :)

  2. You had such a wonderful Friday. while I was reading all your happens - I thought to myself how much I would love to drop in and see you. I suppose when we leave comments and read each others blogs we are 'visiting'. Your friend looks like lots of fun - we need friends like that in our lives. I love Julie-ann's work so much - she is a very precious soul - you are very luckly to have one of her angels in your home. And yes, children they can teach us so many lessons that we have forgotten. have a wonderful week my dear friend.

  3. Knallfint kort. Gleder meg til å se det. Sooooon.

  4. Laila, your such a beautiful person! Love reading about your day. Good energy seems to attract so much more good energy and I can feel so much love floating off the computer reading your post! :)

  5. Fun to hear about your day, lovely to see your art trading project, yes, Julie paint beautifully.