Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The other way around.

Today I'll show you what I did with the cutouts the other way around. Not something great since I didn't plan something. My focus was on the mandalas expressing my childhood summer feeling. I had totally forgotten that there would be another way to look at it.
That way I had to do the best I could come up with, and well, it's just something.

Do you remember this mandala? That's the one that make the centerpiece. I don't show you the first cutout because all I did to that was to paint it blue.

The next one I just completed the design and called it done, even without painting the background.

The following one was the funniest to make. It was the centerdesign that showed me what to do.

The last one was just half a try to make something new. Sandra called it a flying star.

I had this mandala to finish before I can fully consentrate on doing funny faces. I don't know about today though because the weather is so nice. I probably should go out to enjoy it, can be a long time before that opportunety returns.

This mandala looks far too pale in my photo, in person it's not.
I hope everyone will have an equal beautiful day as we have here. Take good care.


  1. Your mandalas are wonderful, so detailed and full of colour - I love how you play with them and reinvent them.

  2. It's wonderful to see not only the mandala, but the work that went into it, and best of all, knowing that not every beginning leads to a perfect end. That makes the meaning even better!

  3. Wow, these are really gorgeous. I love all the details and colors.