Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I chose pink.

It was quick done to decide what to knit to the new babygirl. A jacket and boothies. After that I found an old pattern to a hat that I wanted to try too. The hat is quite thick so it will be nice to use this winter.
Now I've been knitting so much that I think I'll need a break. I still have some items in my head that I'll have to try out but not right now. It's time to work in my journal again. I miss that messy stuff. :-)
Today we have the most beautiful weather, clear skies and sun all over. It's almost like I felt the energy to start washing my kitchen. The cupboards and drawers are filled with all kind of items not in use so I need to do some serious work in there.

I have this big project going in my journal, but it didn't come out as I wanted so I lost interest for it. Now it's time to finish it and I'll look at it with fresh eyes. Perhaps something magical will happen.
I'm still on low carb and it works well for me. I've already redused myself some kilograms and handyman has started calling me "his splinter. " How sweet is that?
What he does that matter a lot more is to join me for quick evening walks. That helps a lot.

That's all for now, I'm off to prepare our dinner. Thanks for visiting and take good care.


  1. You knit, you crochet, you make gorgeous art.... You're so talented.

    Good luck with the kitchen. I need to do that, too. Mine has so many things I don't use. But it will have to wait because I'm busy in the studio!

  2. I love the bright pink with the white trim - what a cute jersery. The low carb diet is great - also lost a lot on it - but need to do it again. You are always so busy doing things I love your enthusiasm for life - very inspiring.

  3. I have just stumbled upon you today, what a lovely pink coat, such delicate work.I'm your newest follower, best wishes from canada!