Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Just like coming home.

Hello, it has been a pleasure doing this piece, and I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I'm going to do more of this. This was my very first and counts as a test but I so much like it that I've framed it. It measures 40 by 40 centimeters, frame 50 by 50.

I used a cotton fabric, drew the motifs and painted them with acrylics. When dry I embroidered the outlines. Some of the outlines were done before painting, and I think that's the best way of doing it. In some way the thread stopped the paint from floating all over. The paint was much thinned by water.

The combo of paint and stitches suites me so well, it felt like coming home. Right now I'm planning some new pieces. A special friend of mine came to visit yesterday and she loved my piece too. She start to talk about exhibitions and stuff, I had to laugh. Right now it's enough playing and making.
You remember the startpoint.

This is how it looked with some more colour on. I was a bit uncertain whether to paint the whole piece. Would I kill it with paint all over?

The finished piece. The colours looks soooo dusty here, but in person they are bright and clear. It seems impossible to get a good photo with the frame on so I skip that. The frame is stright and black. (IKEA)

Absolutely not killed and I'm pleased. I used a bit of metallic threads and they really get the motif stand out. I've used diffrernt threads/floss at different parts of the piece. Some to underline the shapes and some to make them stand out.

I'm not over the top pleased with the pond but for a start it's working.
Finally, should it be called anything? " My first"? If you have any good suggestions I would appreciate hearing them.

Have a creative day and take care.

This is how it looks framed hanging on my wall.


  1. Oh wow, its stunningly beautiful! Just so gorgeous, I feel so happy and joyful looking at all the colours and surroundings. I can totally see your love and enjoyment in this art and why you wish to do more like it! :) Hope your having an awesome week!

  2. I know in the future someday I'll have an exhibition. Hopefully before my daughter saw it, lol. In her vision I was an old lady, he, he!

  3. Fantastisk Laila, ser mye i det bildet. Dette er deg, du rulle:)

  4. This is such a colourful rich picture - I love all the elements you have added.