Friday, November 25, 2011

A couple of faces.

This has been such a fun week.

This week will always be remembered as fun and intense. I've been painting and experimenting all week. It was such a relief to finally find a way of doing things that fit my hands.
This way of doing it allows me to add some more to it than I could on an ordinary canvas. That little extra makes the differens to me.
When handyman and I went for buying the frame to my first piece, I even baught 2 more. One small and one medium size. Now, at the end of the week I have filled them with faces.
This way of doing it demands a certain size of my work and the smallest frame felt a bit too small. Tiny details are not easy to embroider and then paint so I prefer the medium to be the smallest one to work in. Never say never though, the future will show.

Below you see what I did in the smallest one. It's called : Flow (in Norwegian: Flyt ) To begin with I thought it would be difficult to get a face done, but to my big surprise it isn't. One can always discuss the motif, but I'm very pleased with how the face ended up like. Have a close look at her nose, that is the best part.

Next I'm going to show you the complete process, how I'm doing it. This work fits the medium frame.
This painting is called : Pieces (Norwegian: Brikker )

First of all I'm drawing my piece on paper and transfer it to the fabric. Then I embroider the outlines. In this specific one there was not many colours to embroider, sinse I decided to make the square lines black. Below is the embroidered piece. (with the eye painted because I couldn't wait.) Look at this profile, I think that a stronge power than mine guided my hand when I was drawing this. :-) As you understand I'm very pleased with it.

The reverse side, just to show you that I don't bother how it looks. This side will not be showing in any case.

The most exciting moment is when the first layer of colour is done. How will it look? This one is strongly coloured. And dull hair.

Now it's time to fulfill the squares. The result was not quite like what I had thought but still I saw that it could work. The hair became even worse with this try.

Back to brown hair again. I don't like the hair even when finished, but the hair is not the main thing here so I let it pass. At this stage I'm quite pleased with my piece, but felt the lack of something. What I decided to do could either ruin it or make it look like I was aiming for.

When the "lining " was done I was not quite that pleased as I wanted to be. I set the whole piece away for a while .

The final piece looks like this. I added some gold/yellow in front of her face and that was just what I was looking for. It's done!

The next one will be a larger one. I'm still learning but it's a joyful road.

Have a nice weekend and take good care.


  1. These are wonderful - I can see that you are having such fun making them. Isn't it just so exciting when you stumble upon a new technique and it works out so well.

  2. The process is fascinating. The development over time keeps revealing more, building up. It's so interesting to watch the piece become real, become "you."