Sunday, November 13, 2011

Heavenly taste.

This is the cake I made for my friends weddingparty.

It's called Budapest cake and is, most times, the party winner. It tastes so heavenly good and people always ask for the recipe. As you see it's more like a roll and I had to search quite a while before I found a servingdish that was long enough.
If you ever should make one cake I suggest this one. Here is what you'll need.

Plus a little jar of apricot jam.

6 eggwhites, sugar, a can of mandarines/clementines (you know,small oranges) 1 bag of vanilla powder, the one you use to make vanillasauce or vanilla cream.(contains 56 grams of powder) It's important to choose the one that need no cooking. A small amount of sliced almonds, 3 deciliter of cream (liquid to be whipped) and the apricot jam. The oven holds 170 deg. C Time in the oven is 30 min.

First thing I do is to open the can and empty it from all liquid. Then I put the "oranges" on a papertowel and put another towel on top of them. It's important to get rid of all the "outside" liquids. Set the oven too.

Start by whipping the 6 eggwhites and add 3 deciliter sugar ( little by little) during the whipping. A good tip is to leave the eggs on your bench over night. That will give you a much better result when whipping. Towards the end you add the vanilla powder too.

Use baking paper in your bakingtray. Smear your dough evenly out on the tray. Put the almonds on top and put in the middle of your oven. 30 min. 170 deg.C

This is how it looks when baked.

Now you put another paper on top and a grate (is that the right word?) and turn the whole thing upside down. Leave it this way till it's completely cold. The reason you keep it this way is that you want to maintain the damp inside. Otherwise your cake will be cracking when rolling it together.

When cold whip the cream together with 3 tablespoons of sugar.

Remove everything from the cake except the paper beneath it.

Now, add a good layer of apricot jam on top of the cake and then all your whipped cream on top of the jam. Finally you add the oranges. Now all you have to do is to roll it together. Use the paper as help when doing so.

And notice, this is NO low carb thing. :-)


6 eggwhites
3 deciliter sugar
1 bag of vanillapowder (the one that need no cooking) (56 grams of powder)
A small amount of sliced almonds
3 deciliter of cream (liquid to be whipped) and 3 tablespoons of sugar.
1 small can of mandarines/clementines.
1 small jar of apricot jam.

30 minutes in the oven at 170 deg.Celcius.

Let me know if you try this one, and did you like the taste??

Have a joyful Sunday!

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  1. Yes, please, I'd like a piece of your cake....and maybe even a second piece! It looks delicious.