Monday, November 14, 2011

Funny faces.

We had a fun weekend.

This weekend handyman took Sandra to a local fair and when they returned she had this face. I had to laugh because I thaught she looked so funny. I'm not a tiger, I'm a cat she told me. This suited so well to my heading today. Funny faces.

We did some painting too this time and we settled for painting funny faces. Sunday was fathers day here so Sandra wanted to paint a piece to her moms boyfriend. She did hesitate a bit at the beginning because she couldn't draw a face, she told me. When I told her that I wanted to draw like her she was very surprised because "your drawings are much better than mine"

Perhaps one need to be a grown up to understand that. To let go of all the knowledge and just draw like a child. I'll have to practice that. I'm far too much locked up in expectations on how it really should look.

Below you see Sandras face, she has used my watersoluble crayons. She wrote the text before I noticed it, I would have suggested for her to write on a seperate sheat. With that said, I love her face. It's so free and creative. That's excactly how I want to do it.

My painting became too much "normal" drawing and too much funny painting. I'll practice!!

This is in fact my first face since the end of August, so it's still in my hand to draw a face. One of the faces I painted in August became a bit more like I'm thinking of. Back then I painted a face without any drawing at all, not easy but fun and I think it became quite expressive. Have a look here. It's the one without a headscarf I'm talking about. It's not a sweet and nice painting but the more I look at it the more I like it.

I was inspired by Janet to try this again, she always makes such beautiful faces. Have a dive into her blog and I promis you'll have some awsome moments.
I am going to make another funny face.

Have a wonderful new week and take good care!


  1. Thank you for the mention....I think Sandra looks cute as a cat. And her drawing is very good. I like your face, too....the eyes and the mouth are wonderful and I love her red curls.

  2. Laila, I understand the feeling of wanting to be more free, like a child, with drawing. I've come to realize that I put a lot of rules and expectations on myself, yet I always tell others to be passionate and free. I like the face you did though, it looks great and I love what you did with the background too, very cool!! Also, Sandra's drawing is wonderful, she is very talented, as well.

  3. Being an artist always set the child inside free. I love the funny faces. Happy to meet you. I had to follow. We have the same name. :)

  4. www.clarehudsonreed.blogspot.comNovember 15, 2011 at 7:45 PM

    It looks like the weekend was filled with fun and art.