Friday, June 10, 2011

Time to finish a couple of things.

Yesterday I did some tidying in my yarnbox.

Earlier this year I decided to not buy any new stuff before I had used a big lot of what I already have. During my job yesterday I came across these things and decided they need to be finished. So, my weekend will be spent doing excactly that. Perhaps I'll come out with some nice gifts. Who knows.

How about you, do you have any half finished things lying around or are you all the clever type that finishes off every project you start?

I do enjoy seeing my piles decrease though and my yarnbox is much slimmer now than some months ago. Yayyyyyy!!!!
And, I'm feeling so clever to stand by my aims.(he he he)
The weather is nice too so perhaps I will sit outside with my work.
I wish you all a nice and relaxing weekend.


  1. Those crocheted pieces look pretty. I especially like the ones with the white borders. I'm sure you'll be pleased when you put them all to good use.

    I have so many unfinished projects! I could probably just work on those for the next year and not get through them all.

  2. Hi Laila - sorting out makes me feel so light - i love the crocket work - what are you going to make with them?