Sunday, June 5, 2011

I've had some lovely days.

Come join me for a bike ride.

My very good childhood friend has been visiting home this weekend and we have had our daily bikerides each morning. It's very nice to meet, talk and share a bike trip early mornings. Mostly sunshine, birds singing and good friends sharing moments.

This is my way out of town.

Ten minutes trip and this is my view.

I grew up very close to this mountain.

And, there she is. From here we ride together.

We had to stop many times to enjoy the views. Here are our bikes.

My friend, EM, insisted on photographing me so here I am.

This is a very nice place to pass on our way. Almost like a fairytale.

And a mom and her ducklings showed up this morning too.

A beautiful view from one of our rests.

This shows where we are returning into town.

Stright ahead this is the view.

Hope you have enjoyed the trip. In four weeks time she will be back and hopefully we get another possibillity to meet and bike together.

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