Thursday, June 30, 2011

My shower buddy.

How I made my shower buddy.

I have been asked to make a post showing how I made my shower buddy, and here it is.
First of all I will recommend you to try pure Tunesian crocheting if you haven't done it before because it will be easier to understand the tecknique then.

I used 21 stitches for my buddy and the pattern need a amount of stitches dividable by 2 + 1.

In my pictures here I've used 11 stitches.

Row 1.
Chain 11.

Row 2.
Pick up 1 stitch in each chain, starting in second from hook.( that should give you 11 stitches on your hook)

Row 3.
Bring in new colour by chain 1 in first stitch.( this count as the first loop)
yarn over hook and draw through two loops (one of each colour) then chain 3 yarn over hook and draw through 2 loops -twice, chain 3 - repeat across.

In the photo below you can see the red "bars" 2 and 2 in pairs. These bars are going to be stitches in next row.

Row 4.
Now it's time to pick up stitches again. (same colour) Always start picking in second bar from hook. Be sure to work behind the 3 chain loops. Work across and count your stitches ( always count) you should have 11 stitches on hook.

Row 5.
Bring in first colour and chain 3. Yarn over hook and draw through 2 loops twice. Chain 3... go on across.

Row 6.
Pick up stitches again starting in second bar from hook.
Repeat row 3 to 6 untill you have the lenght you need.

You are actually crocheting two rows with each colour and always be aware that the "nubs" are made in between the nubs in the former row.

Well, Viki this was made especially for you. I hope you do understand this, if not feel free to ask.

Good luck to all of you.

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  1. That looks great. I may have to see if I can master this technique myself. :0)