Friday, June 17, 2011

Do you often do slow crafts?

Boy, have I started a slooooooow job.

My endurance muscle really get to stretch these days. I've started to work on a really slow project. Most of all I wanted to throw it away yesterday but decided to stay in there and finish it.(I'm not good doing slow things)
How do you tackle very slow progressing project?

I'm doing this because of a strong desire to make something by my own hands and because of the great satisfaction to actually have done it. I'm sure it would have taken me less than 10 seconds to buy it and it would probably have been less expensive too.
But, most of the time it is relaxing, my thoughts flowing almost like a meditation. Then suddenly for a few seconds I can feel it all the way to my fingertips that I'm balanceing very close to the edge of sanety.(at least it feels that way) Then I have to laugh and relax again.
I have improved by age but still I'm most of a "quick doer". The fun part is that I'm never as satisfied as when I've finished a slooow job.
How do you do, never start such a project, most of all want to throw it away or do you really love it that way?
I'll give you a little sneak peak of what I'm doing. When finished or if I in a weak moment decide to throw it away I'll tell you what it was ment to be.

This is Tunesian crocheting +

I have in fact started another project too just to have a little variation. (to avoid insanety that is...hehehe) And, as if that wasn't enough I bought myself 6 new books to read yesterday. Filling up my summer ehh...?

Today I'm going to follow my Aunt to hospital. She had the eyemembrane removed and replaced from one of her eyes Wedensday and is going in for a control today. Coming Wedensday she will get the operation repeated on the other eye. When I spoke to her yesterday she was very pleased and said: you know there are so many nice things in plastic these days. She really was in a good mood. She has this "old peoples" weak eyes. And best of all, no pains involved.

This weekend is for Sandra again and I'm so exited to see if she has made some more spreads in her journal. I'll let you know, if she allows me to.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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  1. I'm impressed. I have very little patience for slow crafts. More than a week and it usually doesn't get finished.