Sunday, June 12, 2011

Quick done.

Two of my ongoing projects are done.

It was quick done to finish off two of my projects. The first one became a two sided cushion. This is all about using stuff that I already have in my stash and that's why my cushion have two different sides.
When the crocheting was done(the squares) I felt I needed some more and added a border of white. I started with a bright red border(as in the cushion it self)but that didn't look good. When I added the white one I felt some light were added to the final result. I'm quite happy with this one and I think I'll give it to my husband to rest his head on. Usually he needs to rest his head after work so this will be his for that purpose.

This was planned to be a cushion too.

When I first started this I thought of making a cushion. When I sewed it together yesterday I saw that NO WAY is this going to be a cushion. But wouldn't it be nice as a skirt to one of the small girls in the family? It's crocheted in cottonyarn so it will be easy to wash. I'll give Sandra the possibility to choose first. She is so old now that it is possible she won't use it. I'll ask her.
I promise a photo of her wearing it if she accept.

That's all for now, I'm headed to enjoy some sunshine.


  1. These are gorgeous! I never learned to crochet, but am inspired by your work here to learn. Growing up, my aunt had a beautiful bedspread and I think about all the love in each flower. Yours are springtime in fiber!

    xo Lis

  2. Dear Liala - these two peices are wonderful. I love the cushion, and the little shirt is such a clever idea, you must post some pics of the little person wearing the skirt.

  3. You finished those projects so fast! And they're both pretty and useful. I love the little looks like a flower garden.

  4. pretty! I think that makes a lovely little skirt.