Monday, June 6, 2011

Me and my sewingmachine.

Just a little tablecloth.

I came across a blog called Spirit Cloth and was so inspired that I late one evening sat down by my sewingmachine and made a test sampler. The next day (in daylight) I liked what I saw and decided to make some more. If I at that point had known that this should end up as a little tablecloth I would have made it on one piece of fabric. But I didn't. I thought of making a pillowcase but then again everything I test seem to end up as pillowcases. Why not a tablecloth I thought.

When I should photograph this I had to lay it on the floor and there was this mirror near by. This weekend I had to help someone to adjust the lenght of a galadress, that's why the mirror was placed there.
Well, when I noticed it I saw that my cloth could have been nice if I dubbled the lenght too.

Today it's raining here and they forecast rain the whole week. Just as I started to get used to summer temperatures.
Wish you all the best and I hope you have better weather than we have right now.

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