Monday, March 24, 2014

Paint blobs as tools.

Many times if I can't find inspiration,

I have a little trick to get my mojo flowing instantly. Some years ago I got the inspiration for this by watching all the you-tube films showing mono printing on gelli plates. Now, I didn't have a gelli plate handy, but I had a glass square. I did some experiments on that glass plate, and boy did that pay off. Most times I even do a second print, after spraying a bit more water onto the plate. The second print won't be as rich of colors as the first one, but many times more interesting. Normally I use watercolors to make my paint blobs. Below is the glass plate randomly filled with watercolor paint, Twinks.

Next thing is to lay the paper carefully on top of the paint. I use my hands to go over the paper, and I often add some books on top for a short while. In this specific example the result was what you see in the photo below. It's at this stage all the fun begins. Some of my paint blobs shows quite obvious images, others might hide well. In this particular case I spent a couple of days to bring forward what was hidden. Very often I reject the first obvious image to see if I can bring out it's full potential.

I'm very pleased with this one, and as you see it wasn't the most obvious image. When I first spotted the troll, I could also see (with a bit imagination) the contours of the map of Norway. To use the map, shows the troll in it's "real" size. A "real" Norwegian troll is very large. He is banging his hand towards our country, and thereby causing some real thunder. As a child I were frightened by thunder, but my parents told me it was just the trolls that were out strolling. Somehow that left me without fear.

Let me end by telling you my little trick. I always keep some paint blobs handy, and when I can't find inspiration I grab a paint blob, and my mojo is instantly present.
Give it a try, it's very fun and activates the imaginationn.


  1. Super skøn trold - og utroligt, at han kom ud af nogle maling-splatter...
    Måske jeg skulle prøve det?
    Super inspirerende blogpost :)