Monday, March 3, 2014

Back after a lovely week in Spain.

It is good to be back home.

It always feels a bit strange to just be on holiday doing nothing. First thing this morning I put my fingers back in paint and I enjoy it. Far too long since I did that now, so it was about time. I painted this face in a very rough tecknique, not at all sure it would work, but it did. I'm very happy with the result even though I see some small things that could have been better.

The first photo is taken using a flashlight, and some of the roughness disappeared.

The next one is taken in daylight only and is much better. It's painted on a handmade paper which has a difficult surface to paint on. The binders in the paper is uneven and make the paint show uneven too. That's why I chose to paint in a rough style.

I have some catching up to do in my class and also to visit your blogs. I'll be there soon.


  1. welcome back, spain to Europeans, is like Hawaii to Canadians (lol) the winter retreat, love your girl, you did a great job

  2. Your painting is beautiful! I love how the color of the clothes pops against the skin tone. Wendy