Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Light, does it matter?

I did a fun little experiment with light the other day.

What does light have to say for the expression of a piece of art? We all know that light matters, but can light turn a specific mood into a completely different mood? Yes it can.

I used a card to paint a rainy scene, it was a rainy day here, so I guess I was inspired by that. I actually drew this quite fast, so it's no masterpiece. It's a cabin situated by the sea/ fjord.  It sits on the bedrock and pretty close to the ocean. Now, imagine you were in the cabin looking out at the rain, what feelings comes to mind? Probably, oh well, it'll soon pass.

If you look at the next photo, what feelings would appear then? Do you recognice the change in mood in the photo? Much darker, more depressing and the question, will it ever stop?
I have to say, I never gave this issue serious thoughts untill I made this card. The actual card has colors somewhere in between these two. It's very interesting doing small experiments like this.

The diagonal "wet" drops/lines are made by a far to big brush. They should've been much finer. I was hoping to be able to actually rip marks in the surface along the drops/lines, to make it look alot more like actual rain.

Now, I wasn't because my piece had been drying too much. I think the surface should have been wet, or at least damp.
What was your last experiment?

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  1. love both of them, they both evoke feelings like I want to be there to see the storm on the water. Rain drops are very hard and you did a excellent job