Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Testing faces.

Is it possible to gain a decent result using twinks as medium?

I like doing faces, but have never done any using twinks only. Is it possible for me to do it, and how would the result be? The face I've been testing is a tiny one, it measures 8 by 5.5 cms. I know it's much harder to make a larger one, but for my test I did this small one.

Now, my first pic. shows the face in daylight only. One can't see any signs of the twinks, at least no shimmering spots. Let me just add, it's not done to be a beautiful face, just a 15 minutes from start to end test. The colors I've used are: Oyster, Sunburst, Chiffon Pink, Ocean Wave and Chestnut Brown. In addition I used a watercolor pencil to outline the face. White and black pens too, of course. All the pictures shown are the same face, it does differ a bit because of the angle when photographed. In fact, with some small adjustments, this could become a pretty good face, if I might say so myself.

Next pic. shows the face with an extra lightsource coming from bottom right. Now the twinks shows off, and notice her right eye. Isn't that really something, her eyes acting like normal eyes. Reflecting light in a super way. Remember it's the same face, so without extra lighting it appears as a normal painting.

Last pic. shows the face with light coming from top left. Now, notice the left eye and compare with the others. Isn't it amazing? This last one is a bit wonky because of the angle, but it's not important. The twinks are going to create much fun in the future, and I just have to try a large face to see if I can do that too.

My question was, is it possible to gain a decent result using twinks as medium, the answer is YES it is! This test was so much fun to do, and I'm so pleased to discover how to mix a great face color using my twinks.

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  1. love your faces, and thanks for telling us the results of the test