Friday, November 29, 2013

Christmas card made.

I had to make a new drawing for my Christmas card,

because I couldn't come to an agreement with myself. I wasn't pleased on how it turned out, and I found it difficult to find a suitable background for it. Well, that was the first try, now I've made a new one and made it difficult for myself to choose which edition to use.
In addition to my original painting, I did manupilate a couple of extras, and now I can't choose.
My painting is somewhat darker than the pic. below. I imagined the background to be a dark sky, and used a bit different colors. It does look good in person. My intention is to copy as many as I need and glue the copies to cardstock, then I'll add some twinks to the painting to make it look more real. It's still my work, but an easier way to make many of them.

Below is the first one I made using picasa to manipulate. I find it exciting and a bit different from what usually will be used. I like how the colors is muted in a way, it all look so soft and I find it suitable for the design.

The last one is my favorite, but I probably can't use it. It's too dark and I think too difficult to see what it actually is. I did try to lighten it, but out of my printer it's still too dark. Well, I might use it for my facebook friends.

Which one would be your choice?


  1. They're all great. I think I'd choose the middle one because of the beautiful, vibrant colors. Wendy

  2. Oh I am sorry I missed this post Ilove the second one