Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A little testing.

I was doing a little testing the other day.

The fact is, I'm not good at painting without a good drawing first. I always need to draw an image before I can paint it. I guess it's all about controlling, and I wanted to try without any drawing at all.  I did a very simple sunflower and foliage. Now, I never meant to make this a masterpiece, I just wanted to see if I could achieve any result at all. At this stage it looks like........... well, nothing to put more work into. But, that was the entire point, what result could I gain from a simple painting like this.

I won't claim the result is anything to keep either, but I did learn it's possible to make something without drawing it first, and much can be done to a piece that doesn't look good from the beginning. In fact I've often seen my work change into something not planned and better than I expected. Normally a piece will reach a stage of uglyness before it turns into its final form and I think one has to be aware of that. As you see my final piece isn't much to keep, but it became something far more than what could be expected from a bad start.

I could even put some more work in, to improve it, but I'd seen what I was looking for. It is fun to make these little tests, and useful as well. I did use my twinks on top of this, and the result is a shimmering test piece.

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