Friday, November 22, 2013

Final project in class.

I've done my final project in class

except for a couple of bonus projects. In this final one we were meant to let loose and make a garden scene. I didn't feel for a garden scene but a Spring bouquet which will remind me of the beautiful season to follow winter. I honestly had no idea I could do anything like this. It isn't excactly "to let loose" but I found it more reasonable to paint real flowers. In my head randomly drawn flowers should be that, randomly drawn and nothing else. It's just me and my head.

Below is how it looked like from the start, at this stage I didn't notice how wrong the pot looked. I was planning to add at least a couple of birds to it too.

Below one can see I've added a leafe to hide the wrong pot, not perfect but I can live with that. I also added a tip of a leafe down right to suggest something were happening at the back as well. And finally I add another tulip below the daffodil. I tried to add the birds, but couldn't find them good spaces to be, so I left them out. I will do another try though, and paint wide open tulips with more colors in them, and then I'll add the birds too. I always have trouble to do the background, and I really wanted to leave it as is here, but I didn't.

Below is how it turned out. I'm pleased with my result, but the next one will have a better design. I do see how to do it and will give it a try. Why is it I always see it after finishing a piece?
I'll probably have to pay more attention while drawing.

That's all, it's about time to start preparations for Christmas.

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