Sunday, August 11, 2013

The life giving "mothers" of America.


This was something I noticed from the first beginning of our visit.

The electrical poles, or whatever they are called. Look at the first photo, "she" is standing there giving life to America. I was very surprised to see this, at first. Back home most of these things have been hidden into the ground. Not all, but most of it close to where people live.
I have no idea what's the best, in the air or in the ground. In the ground is the most expensive, I've been told and less visible is more aesthetic, in my opinion. BUT, the more I saw during our journey the more beautiful, even poetic, I thought they became.
Below. New ones are being built, and not just a couple. As far as the eye could see they stood there , majestic, in the wide open. 
Not only one row, many times I saw several rows. Year after year they stand there doing their job.
On our way to Las Vegas we stopped to visit Hoover Dam, once the largest dam built ever. Built to produce power, and one do expect to see alot of electric installations there. What do you see here? For me these are ballet dancing cats and their instructors.
Even in the desert they do their duty. Can you see their heavy burdens? This is one of my favorite photos from this "series". Next week I'll show you a bit more electricity, and there is some good shots there too.

This became a familiar sight right outside the cities. It's not beautiful, but for me they represent the office life. Colleagues that are busy together.

Perhaps not the most usual things to photograph, but I most often follow my feelings. And, seeing them all together makes me remember how I felt. Next time you see one of the "mothers", maybe you'll look at them and think different thoughts, as I did. Who knows?

Enjoy your Sunday and thanks for visiting! 

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  1. That's a unique way of seeing them! Where we live most of the power lines are underground so I forget about seeing the big power poles. It's fun to see how someone else views my country.