Thursday, August 8, 2013



I bought myself pan-pastels while in the US.

Today I tried them for the first time. Easy to use, but difficult too. I think I have to make myself a face stencil, it's not nice to see all the pencil lines. I have to practice alot too, but I liked them. Isn't it strange how helpless one can feel when using new tools? Perhaps I should practice painting without drawing first but it's so difficult, I feel. And shadowing......I have alot to learn.
The other night I was surfing the internet and came across some tempting watercolor pencils too. Well, I'll have to think about it for awhile, meaningless to buy and buy and not use them. Right now I'm more up to reading  than anything else, but I have alot of things I'll try later on. 

I did this face rather quick, and ended my work even without coloring the neck. It was just meant as a test and I saw many things to do different. A good learningpiece.


  1. I'm pretty sure there are some good Pan Pastel tutorials on YouTube. I've seen them, but I'm not fond of using pastels. Have fun with yours! Wendy

  2. I've never tried pan pastels. I keep thinking I'll get some but I'll have to order online. No one around here carries them. I agree with Wendy that YouTube should have a ton of tutorials about how to use them.

  3. yes youtube has great videos on pan pastels, I have 13 of them..LOve your girl