Sunday, August 18, 2013

A bit more electricity.

Last week I promised

a bit more electricity, and now, I can't remember what I had in mind.I took the photo below while driving. Don't know where it is from, but I like the way the bus is parked and the power poles are there too. 
We stayed some days in San Diego too and that was much fun. I really liked that city. It was in San Diego I bought my pan pastels by the way.
The harbour and the maritime museum was a good treat and so was the beach with the longest pier I have ever seen and walked. We also went to listen to a concert played on the worlds second largest outdoor organ. A fantastic experience.
As you'll see in my next photo, the airport is close to the city and that gave me some rare opportuneties to photograph planes in odd situations.

We did ensure that the hotels we booked had outdoor swimmingpool, so that Anne and I could swim almost every day. San Diego was no exception and the pool were situated right outside my door. What a great time we had there, I would love returning to San Diego.

After San Diego we spent a couple of days in a small town called Santa Clarita. What I have to tell from that place needs a post of it's own, so I'll probably return to that.
Last stop was Los Angeles, and we spent two interesting days there too. We spent one day down town, walked among the skyscrapers, had something to eat and did shop a bit. The second day we spent in Warner Bros. Studios. A special experience topped when meeting Clint Eastwod himself. Below is a couple of beautiful cityscapes we saw. First one from LA and the last one from Saint Louis.

There is so much I want to show you, but I have to choose. I will show you some art I saw though, maybe next week.  

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