Saturday, June 15, 2013

Vitus Mass, June 15th.

In Norwegian:

In remembrance of St. Vitus who is the patron for those who suffers from epilepsy and Vitus's dance.

Engraved sign:
I havn't been able to find the marks of this day. It's not a well known day and it was not much celebrated here in Norway. The sign in my stick is a line and tiny dot only.

Old traditions:
Not special for this day only but, as kids we tried to capture a ladybug holding it in our closed hands and carefully shaking while saying: ladybug ladybug fly today tomorrow we'll have a brighter day. Then we opened up and if the ladybug flew away we would have pretty and warm weather. Oh, if it only was easy as that.
Some say this is the day for cleaning the celing and walls.
In Kaupanger stave church they celebrate this day each year the sunday closest to June 15th. King Sverre sat the old stave church on fire the night before Vitus day in year 1184. Hence the yearly celebration.
I've learnt alot working with this stuff, and this day explained to me why one of the drugstore chains in Norway is called Vitus.
By clicking this link you'll be lead to a site telling about Vitus.

I'm not sure whether I should make this one. As I see it, it's just the dot that is ment to be a reminder of the day. The line below is leading up from the actual dayline. To make a tiny dot only felt meaningless, as it is now, it can be related to different things.

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