Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Tell All Tuesday, it's me!

 I am this weeks artist on Jennibellies Tell All Tuesday series.

It's both scary and fun at the same time. I have been reading  Jenny's blog for awhile and she really is a busy artist. Her you-tube channel is a very interesting place too, go have a look if you have never been there before. She shares alot of good ideas.

I hope you'll have a nice day exploring my blog.


  1. Hello Laila, I saw your interview with Jenny and enjoyed it so much I had to come over and see what you are all about. Love your work and I've signed up to follow you. Hope you will also come over and visit me and follow too! I think we have lots in common, only I move slower than you.

  2. Oh, that's great! I'm on my way over there now.