Monday, June 17, 2013

St. Botolph Mass June 17th.

In Norwegian: 
Botolfsmesse, Botsok.

In remembrance of St. Botolph who, according to legend, built a monastery in England in year 654. Most knowledge about him is lost, but it's said he was a very popular man.

Old traditions:
This day has been an important one in Norway. Back in 1276 our chief court of law, lagtinget, opened this day. As late as ca. 1850 this day were still held as a holyday some places in our country.
One should not work this day.

Coming week is said to be a good one to work new land. All roots and weeds will be easy to pull up and will later rot. Even now, some farmers work according to this tradition. I have a slightly different experience, around each full moon and new moon the weeds's root system are sitting loose. Every year I pull up difficult weeds and their complete root systems according to the moonphase. A couple of days later it's impossible to loosen them.

Engraved signs:
Sheep, Ears of corn, Bishop's pastoral staff.
In my stick it's the Bishop's pastoral staff.

 It's such a joy to make these pieces and interesting also to build them up to a final result. This specific one was made using more lines and details to create a bit more interest to it. All my pieces are based upon simple signs, and I try to make each one of them a piece of it's own. When I'm done with this project I'll have 60 pieces or so, and it would be nice if each one of them could live on their own without all the rest.

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