Saturday, June 29, 2013

St. Peter's Day June 29th.

In Norwegian:

In remembrance of St.Peter and St. Paul's martyrdom. The most common sign is a key, and the day was also called: Peter with the golden key, because Jesus gave Peter the management of the keys to heaven.

Old tradition:
Gathering herbs was important today.

Engraved signs:
Flower, cross, sword, ax, and key.

It's quite amazing giving one person alone the keys to heaven. What if he is haveing a bad day? I'm not sure this is the smartest I have done, to make the key out of bookpaper. Can you see the horizontal cross, the two dots and the two triangles?
It seems photo manupilating has become a habit with these small artpieces. I have thought, let so be it with this series. It will be nice to have them all in the same tecknique.

This is the end of June, and half way throug the year. Now I need a break so the next half will start coming July 1st next year.

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