Wednesday, May 15, 2013

St. Hallvards Wake May 15th.

In Norwegian:
Hallvardsok, Hallvards messe.
In remembrance of the Norwegian saint Hallvard (1020- 1043) which was murdered and then thrown into the Drammens fjord with a millstone bound to his neck. The reason was that he did protect a woman who had been stealing. According to legend his corpse returned to surface still bound to the millstone. 
Old tradition:
St. Hallvard is the patron of the city of Oslo.
3 days before and after this day is the best time of year to sow.
The livestock should now be able to find their food outdoors.
Engraved sign:
A millstone, a plate containing seed.
My stick has a sign which could be both, so I chose to make an ordinary millstone.

This is a hand drawing, not a stamp. I find it even more interesting to make drawings, paint them and then work on them in picasa. In fact I use quite much time in picasa to achieve the result I'm after. And it's so fun too, I never notice the time while working.
This way of doing it has opened so many new things to me, and new ideas of things to try. I can work for an hour before some magic happens, and it's interesting to see how different each piece reacts to different tools in picasa. 

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  1. i love it, and the color so pops and becomes so the focal love love it