Monday, May 20, 2013

Inland heath visiting mother Norway.

Yesterday handyman and I went for a long walk inland heath. It's a beautiful and good walk in warm weather. The Tourism Assosiation has many marked trails around here, and the trail we went leads to something rather spectacular.
The trail is slightly worked so it's easy to walk, in very wet areas there are big stones to tread on. 

It's enjoyable to be out in the wide open heath. Normally everything should be green now but spring has been a delayed. Actually it feels more like we went from winter directly into summer this year.

Handyman waiting for me, I've just climbed a fence. Right here we're in the middle of a fairly hard climb in the trail.  

Finally we can see our goal for the day. In the center of the photo below you can see Mother Norway.
A huge stone on top of another stone, total hight is something like 4 meters.

Here is a closeup. Can you imagine this sculpture in the middle of nowhere?  The sculpture is called Mother Norway and she's dated  1927. It was a local enthusiast who brought her into the heath. He must have spent alot of both effort and money on this project.

Time for some refreshments. We wrote our names in the guest book before returning. 

It's always nice to walk this track, we've been here many times both in good and less good weather.
This time we had beautiful warm weather.


  1. it looks wonderful, if that is you why werent you smiling

  2. Thanks for showing photos of your area. It looks like a beautiful place to walk...and then to come upon something as unexpected as Mother Norway!