Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Something is happening after all.

The spring is very late this year, but still something is happening. I took my camera and photographed some of the flowers blooming right now. Much seem to have frosen so this year the garden won't be as usual.
Otherwise I'm busy preparing for our vacation. Reading and planning and not least preparing a suitable wardrobe to bring. This last weekend we had a big celebration in our extended family. One of the boys (Sandra's brother) had his Konfirmasjon which, from old days,  means to confirm the baptism. These days others than churches host ceremonies like that.
The youths are now to concider as grown ups, even if it's just in the name of it these days. This ceremony is held the year the youth turns 15 years old.
The gifts given are money most times, and it's not unusual that the youth receive 3.500 USD. Now it's just Sandra left, and I think her mom is happy for that. It's quite a big party to throw ans it takes alot of planning and food making. Normally a three-course dinner is served and then alot of cakes and coffee later on. With 20/30 persons attending it's much work in a family to overcome.
It all went well and the main person ( 15 yo.) held a speach so touching we all had to blow our noses.
He gained alot of extra respect for that task and it was nothing less than amazing.


  1. sounds like a great young man, our baptism are usually when you are younger, and also gifts are given, and a small party, so very similar to yours, our ground was still a little frozen just last week, no planting of gardens are flowers, they are usually done on the long weekend on may 24

  2. Sandra's brother sounds like a fine young man. I wish him all the best. And it sounds like a lot of work went into his celebration.

    This has been an odd spring here. First it gets hot then it gets chilly...I never know what's going to happen from day to day. Right now it's on the cool side and that's fine with me.