Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Originally St. Bernhard Mass. May 22nd.

In Norwegian:
Bjørnevok, which means Bear's wake.
In remembrance of St. Bernhard - Bernhard from Clairvaux 1090-1153.
Old Tradition:
If this day fell on a monday one had to sow coming wedensday, if the day fell on a saturday, on the other hand, one should NOT sow coming monday.
Bear's Wake, it was time for that now. Another important thing here, where I live, was to start  the reed harvest. A traditional craft here is to make slippers from reed, and type of weather determines the quality of the end product. It's most important to avoid foggy weather the weeks before harvesting. If there has been much foggy weather the slippers will not last long, the reed will be of a bad quality. Here is how the slippers look like.
Engraved signs:
Bear, Cross, Bishops hat, Bear's paw.
The sign on my stick is a bishops hat, and it's very interesting. I assume you all know how a Mitra looks. (The Bishops hat) The sign on my stick is made like a kings krown. When reading, I learnt the orthodox Catholics still uses a hat looking like a king's krown. I don't know what it means, but perhaps it was more like orthodox here too way back in time.

Today I had a hard choice, that's why I show you both pieces. I simply can't decide which one I like the most. The black one, like it's sitting in a dark room with just a tiny light source coming in. One can see glimpses of the white hat with all the gold on it. 
And then, the pure white one looking clean and delicious. It's really a Pope worthy. Which is the better one in your eyes? 


  1. I really like the second one and the pope would to,

  2. For me, it's the white one. It's lovely and something I could see the pope wearing.

  3. Laila, I like the white one best. I think it is because of the text in that piece. I use text a lot in all kinds of art projects I do, so it is obvious that I really like it. It goes very well in this piece.

  4. Laila, I like the white one, because it has text in it. Having at least a piece of text in my work is sort of a trademark for me! And I love seeing it in others' works too.