Friday, October 21, 2011

Towards something new.

This is what I'm doing just now.

Good morning out there. Today I'll show you some of my newest work. I assume it won't surprise you that it's all about mandalas.
At a certain point I started to think about how far it is possible for me to take a mandala by loosen it from the regulare form that I've been doing them, but still be able to recognice it as a mandala. Why, you might ask.
Well, for several reasons, first of all I want to create new tasks for myself and this one could get me occupied for a while. And then I wonder how it can give me (and perhaps you) the feeling of a mandala with well-defined "symbols" at the same time as I try to create a feeling/vision of crumbling. In other words, in one hand I want something very sturdy and in the other something very fragile, both at the same time in the same piece.

I don't know if this was well explained, but I recon you are so smart that you'll understand what I mean even if it's not well explained.

The photo below shows the one mandala that started this whole thing. I had this idea of making a background before I made the mandala and suddenly I saw some other possibillities. This specific one does not crumble but it got me thinking. Isn't that a lovely thing, that one thing leads to another and before you know you are loaded with ideas?

The next one is my first try to combine the two contrasts, sturdy/fragile. As you see I tried to make an opening in the center by leaving the four corners of white paper white, to illustrate the reverse side of my paper. I tried to make a shadow to underline just that and to my great joy, my handyman automatically moved his hand towards them to remove them from the page.

Boy... what a satisfaction that was, to have convinced his eyes and mind in a way that lead to that automatic reaction. That kind of reaction is far more worth than words.
The feeling of crumbling is in it's beginning here, I expect much more to come as I'm practicing. I'm on my way with this one but something about the designs isn't how I want them to be. I love the blue colour though. :-)
Isn't it amazing how many possibillities that excists in a mandala or another object for that part?

Most times I use markers and ink to make my mandalas, and if there is a painted background it's acrylic paint. I love the process I'm in right now, I just hope that it doesn't feel boring for you.
This weekend Sandra is coming and we have to find something fun to do.
Have a nice weekend and take care.


  1. Hej!

    Found my way over from Janet's Just Me and My Art (it was the low-carb thing that did it lol- I'm a low-carber too). My jaw just hit the floor when I saw your mandalas- they are stunning! Can't wait to explore the rest of your blog now.

  2. Your art could never be boring! These new mandalas are really gorgeous. Thanks for sharing some of your process with us.

  3. There gorgeous, so fragile yet whole, your so right they do share this! I like the way your think and feel about life!
    Thank you so much for your message, so beautiful to read. I love all the new earth ship homes and so wish we could do this here also. I'm sure it will happen, be great to be apart of it all!
    Loads of love :) Julie