Friday, October 7, 2011



It's about time for a new post and what could be better than to show you my latest made Mandalas. It's a very relaxing task to make a Mandala, what attracts me the most are the fact that there are no rules. Use what you have and let your feelings guide you.

Like most people I'm very facinated by the wonderful glass-paintings in the old churches and lately I've start wondering if I could do anything similar to that using Mandalas as my workingspace. I've let me be inspired from a blog where Karin Bartimole are showing how she makes a journal. The journal showed is ment for making Mandalas in. Have a look here, scroll down till you find the name Karin Bartimole and look at her you-tube films on how she is making her journal. It's very inspiring.

As you see I have another space ready for my next Mandala and I just can't wait to start it.
Right now I'm waiting to know who is the one to get this years Nobel Peace prize, that's always such an exitement. Today a Syrian woman is the hottest name.
Today is windy and rainy here so the weather outside is perfect to stay indoors making Mandalas.

Have a nice weekend everyone and take care.


  1. Ååå, det så kjekt ut. Ny bok også ... Har frihelg, kanskje jeg kommer ut en tur:)

  2. Beautiful mandalas. I like the way you're doing them over text.

  3. Likte den nederste der.. Hvordan får man til så lik str på blomster greiene.. Bruker du passer eller hva gjør du ? :)