Thursday, October 13, 2011

New Journal.

This is the first spread in my new journal. I like the left page, that mandala means something to me and contain my wishes for this new journal. In the right page I've tried to make a "copy" of one of the main glasspaintings in the Chatedral in Palma, Mallorca. I found it was not a good way of working. It's not mine and I don't feel any relations to it. Dull!
I will try to finish it though, wouldn't dream of starting a new journal with an unfinished project.

Today I'm going down town together with a friend, looking for what's new this season. We have such a beautiful morning here. This last night we had our first frost, and early this morning I could follow the sunrise which made the mountain - edge look like gold. That sight always take my breath away. A lot of crows had their morning meeting in a large tree in our garden and it seems they couldn't come to any agreement. Right now the town starts to awaken and the sounds of it reaches me. It's lovely to be able to have these slowly mornings, which I missed a lot when I was working outside home. I really whish everyone could have the time and opportunety to enjoy the magic moments of a sunrise.

I'm not as creative as usual these days. I don't know why but I prefer doing other things. Amongst other things I've read about low carb food because I'm going to reduse myself a bit. I have gained some kilograms and I don't feel comfortable with that.
My mandalas have inspired others to make them too, my niece (Lill's Life) has made a mandala too and felt the calmness of doing so. I liked her first attempt and am certain that she will make them again. She lives far away from here, so I enjoy following her blog.

Have a nice day and take care.


  1. Your new journal is off to a beautiful start! The mandala is gorgeous. I love all the colors you used. Do you use markers or watercolors to do the mandalas?

  2. Janet, I've used markers on the mandala. All the black lines are ink and the background is done with acrylic paint.
    The colours used are not the ones I normally use but I kind of liked it the way it came out. Thanks for visiting and your always kind comments.

  3. Your mandalas are so beautiful - you must do more . Have fun in your new journal

  4. These mandalas are gorgeous, love the ground earthy colours. So warm and nature loving. So draws you into peacefulness!
    :) Have a great weekend!