Sunday, October 9, 2011

Closing one, and open another one.

At last I've finished my first journal. When I'm sitting here looking back I feel I just started it, but time flies. It's 6 months since I first started. I've learnt a lot and still enjoy the time spent in it. Now I have a new book to start in and this one is even larger so I have more space to work on.

I have done Mandalas lately and they are so fun to make. I've even made some very private ones. I will continue to make them and try to make them even more "my own" Have you ever tried to make them, and did you put into them expressions of your hope or thaughts of any kind?

This one (below) is made in remembrance to my father, or to this little Buddha that belonged to him. My father was given this item as a gift when I was a child and I always liked it so much. I asked my mother for it some years ago and she told me it was broken and thrown away. Early this summer we (my husband and I) had a clean up in the attic and I found my old schoolbooks. To my pleasure I found a drawing of the Buddha in one of my books and that's why I could use it in one of my Mandalas. It makes me happy to have it in my journal, that way I can always recall my memories of it.

The next one is very private too, it's made for a close relative that suffers from breastcancer. My hope for her is the very best and is expressed in this Mandala. I really do hope it helps. The four seasons of the year are included because she told me that she had to count a year to overcome this illness.

The last Mandala I made is the last page in my journal and doesn't mean anything special. It is the end of my journal and that's it. It is a bit different than the others and I guess that I was influenced by my friend Alw'en when I made it. She came visiting yesterday and I made it while she was here. We spent several hours together painting, and good things always happen when we spend time together. I really enjoyed her company!

That's all for today which is windy, rainy and cold. So cold that we have a fire going in the stove. First time this season.
Wish you all the best!


  1. You must have such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment after finishing your journal. And you'll have fun looking back through it and remembering each page you did.

    Your mandalas are so beautiful. I like the stories behind them. You do such lovely detailed work.

  2. Ligger masse gode energier i «ugle- mandala´en». Sender enda litt jeg. Har nett googlet mandala og lærte noe som jeg ikke viste fra før. Så takk Laila. Det siste i boken popper mot meg i mange ulike dimensjoner. Knallbra:)