Wednesday, January 29, 2014

This is how it became.

It's not easy to photograph the twinks,
their shine and everything.
I didn't shade much on this one, I simply forgot it. Also I used white ink some places and it never works well with shading on top of it.
It's not my best, but my first in a long time. The green leaves are stealing the show completely no matter what I did to compencate it wouldn't work. Well, it is what it is.

Here's a close up, where I tried to capture some shine.

It's very exciting to use the twinks, blending colors and see what happens. I think I'll make another prismatic painting using twinks. Have to get it into my hands again to get ready for the class.


  1. I think it fabulous, have I said that already, really you have such great depth in the leaves, and the color perfect

  2. It's gorgeous! There's a lot of depth to your mandala, even without the shading. Wendy

  3. It's beautiful! Twinks are fun to play around with and I know how they sparkle so I can imagine how this piece looks with them. Your mandalas are always incredible.