Monday, January 27, 2014

Guess what.......

I finally opened the door to my studio, and I feel ready to get my fingers messed up with paint. First thing I had to do was to tidy and clean, and with my desk in order I long to get started. I'm out of practice, so I'll start making a mandala, that always help me on track.

Today I ordered some more twinks too, some colors I want to have handy when my class starts. Can't wait to start the second part of Mastering Twinks. I had never thought it should be so inspiring to participate in an online class, but it is.

Todays mandala is made upon a handmade paper and I've used twinks to paint. This is how it looked with just the painting done. Can you tell I'm out of practice?

Next photo shows the mandala with the outlining done. Isn't it incredible how little it takes to straighten it up? At this point of day, I've done even more to it. I'll show you the result in another post.

The shiny paint is so beautiful on this paper, probably because the paper is matt and kind of rough. I did finish another painting as well today. It's an acrylic painting, old one, that I've hung in my hallway. I needed to add some words to it. It's a girl saying goodbye to our leaving guests.

Tiny bit of snow today, and almost no wind. We've had stormy weather for a couple of months now, and it feels so good without wind.

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  1. it turned out beautiful, I love the shading you did, make it pop