Friday, January 31, 2014

Some new toys.

I took my oldest brother's wife to a trip today, she had an accident and broke her wrist so she's stuck
inside. We went to an art supply shop and I bought some new toys, or art supplies as some would call it. I bought some ink spray bottles and a couple of stencils besides the usual black pens.

Lee, a good bloging friend has a wonderful way of doing collages, which I admire alot, so I thought of trying myself. The "background" in my piece is done with acrylic paint and some paper scraps, I used my new stencil, the face, on top and sprayed black ink on top of it. As the ink dried, it sort of melted into the rest, and it's difficult to see what layer came first.
This was my very first try and I'm pleased. I think there should be some more white though, but I don't know how to do it. Pure white will be too hard, and the ink is not water resistant. I'll figure out a way of doing it, and I'll certainly try more of this.

The colors are much more even in person, now it seems there are hardly no paint on the right side, but there is. How do everyone else deal with the not water resistant ink?
I can see lots of fun in the future with these toys, it just depend on myself.
Enjoy the weekend!


  1. I love it! It's so fun. I don't use a lot of ink that's not water resistant. When I used to, I would paint acrylic over it so the 2 colors would mix. I wonder if some kind of fixative would work. Wendy

  2. you did an amazing creation, I love it, yes if you want to add white, you should add a fixtive and then nothing runs

  3. Beautiful...I love all the layers. When I use anything that isn't waterproof I spray on a fixative to seal it before I add another layer.

  4. Thanks, so this was a whole year ago! I love it. I guess I should get some spray fixative, although this time of year when it is 27 degrees out makes it awfully cold even if I go in the garage!