Sunday, October 13, 2013

S for Sandra.

 Still making letters.

This time I made a capital letter, it's made on a A-3 sheet.
I have needed all the experience of trying, now I feel it's easier to decide how to make them. Instead of making a card, this time I chose to make a much larger one and I like it. This S is meant to be a gift for someone I know.
When the letter was finished I felt it needed something more, so I added alot of swirls which ends as small leaves in gold. The small dots of gold looks great in person, and I think the end result gained on it. The cool thing is that I always see other ways of doing things when one piece is finished, that way I am able to make the same letter several times without them looking the same.

The last photo is just to show you the difference in size. The card was made before I found the best way of doing them. I'll show you that in my next post.
We've had the most beautiful weather the last couple of days. Sun and bright skies, lovely!

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