Wednesday, October 16, 2013

More letters.


The final solution of how to make my cards.

I've been trying alot of different ways, but landed on this one. To keep the card simple with a touch of the frame. I could have left the frame completely, but I liked it so much that I wanted it to be part of it all. I think this is a great way, I can move  the frame fragment around  to find the best suited spot. That will make the cards different, but still have the same last name. What do you think?
Otherwise I have start making my letters in a larger scale, A-3 format. The letters have the hight of an A-4 sheet. It gives a larger space to work on with more possibillities. I do see it still might be wise to practice each letter before making the final one. A good idea might not be that good after all. Below I made a background design which turned out not so good. In fact it was much better before all the lines in each square. 
My g has been enlarged too with a little difference in designs. At first I thought it needed something in the background, but now I'm not sure of that. If it was to be framed, it will work as it is. Clean and clear. What I find  most interesting is to take advantage of the original form of each letter and do something different out of it. The outer lines are never changed though.
It's a nice work to do and challenging as well. The Norwegian alphabet contains 29 letters so there's alot of work ahead of me. If I should work through both small and capital letters, I have enough work for a year. At least I don't need to be out of ideas for awhile now.
Some days ago I received some new goodies to work with as well. More about that in another post.
Have a joyful day out there!


  1. Oh wow, these are so cool & well done. Love them all! :-)

  2. You are SO talented; I love your work!