Friday, October 4, 2013

Cool lettering.

lways trying to find "new" ways.

Wasn't this how they did it way back in time? New ideas keep coming while I'm playing with the letters. This is such a cool work to do, I nearly can't stop. The next letter I got involved with was the g. The size of the cards I'm using is half A-5. The width of A-5 is the hight of my cards. Now, with the g on my table I saw I had a hight "problem" as well. I keep telling myself that these are only tests, but I'm not sure how it will end. The advantage of testing a bit is that I get to see how the designs work together, and not least how the end result will be.

When I first thought of doing this, I had a clear opinion on how they should look. That was before I knew of the width/hight issue. So, when I keep telling myself this is just testing, it mostly depends on how I was thinking from the start. I simply need to adjust my thoughts.
What do you think? Could this do, there's no point in large spaces of emptyness either. With a larger size cards some letters would seem quite small. In some ways I like it when the letter grow out of the frame, it creates a bit more interest to it, I think, just as if the letter live it's own life. I'm pleased with my g, if I should point at anything though, it might seem a bit top heavy. But then again the lower part is flat like a foot holding it up. Well, these are just my thoughts.

This last letter is a good example on seeing how well things work together. The squares in the frame and in the letter are a bit too close, what I think makes it work inspite of that is the diagonal made squares in the letter. I could also, in any case, have lowered the letter a bit more, that would have made it look a bit more interesting and given it more air on top.

The more I look at them now, the more pleased am I using this size of cards. Mediums used are mostly watersoluble crayons, a few markers and black and white pens.
Just by writing this post I have learned something on how I'll make the next one, do you often experience that too? It most certainly has to do with my conciderations while writing.

Two days later and I have found a better solution to the hight/width issue. Coming......

Weekend....... have a good one!


  1. Your letters look wonderful! It's good to experiment and see what you like.

    Now my computer is in the shop! I'm using my laptop but it always causes me problems. My other computer should be back home in a few days.

  2. Nå er det lenge siden jeg har vært inne og tittet :) Så mye fint du har laget!