Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday ponderings


This week

 has been a week for restoring my complete photo collection. My computer had a brand new hard disc installed, because the original one was broken, and I lost all my photos. I always keep a backup on an external hard disc, so it wasn't a disaster, but I didn't realize how big a job I had done with my photos until I reinstalled them. That made me decide to transfer once a month from now on.
All the work, to catalog or file them, had to be done over again, and I've had the most enjoyable week diving into all my photos. What hits me the most is this: what an incredible amount of things I've been doing over the last three years, not least, producing photos.
This time I've had a real cleanup as well, and it feels good. You know, I'm the kind of person that transfers my photos, use the good ones in my blog, and don't think any more of them at all. That's ok for a week, not for three years I can assure you. Lesson learned! 
Even though I had a creative day job, it's not comparable to my creative life now. Earlier I solved "problems" for other people, now on the other hand, I'm free to create in a much wider range. When filing a group called  Paper art, I found, what I still think is, the most intriguing and surprising thing I've made over the last years. It is the end result that surprises me even today. 8 triangles put together holds a perfect circular form, and shows off an accurate square as well. Have a look!    

Another file it took me awhile to Complete, is the doll file. I still can feel the satisfaction of how well the dolls photographed, Viva in particular, and I still smile when seeing the photos. I really do appreciate my life as a "home player", and I truly wish that alot more people could have the same opportunety.
In my garden file, I found the photos used in this post, it seems I have a real soft spot for delicate fragile flowers. Foliage is another thing I find interesting, perhaps I should make a file on all the different foliage in our garden as well.
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