Thursday, September 26, 2013

I was playing with shadowing.

Making mandalas is fun in many ways
and to explore shadowing has become a favorite of mine. To see how much one can trick the eyes just by adding some darker colors and lines. I'm always looking for new ways of doing it, and I'm very pleased with this last one.
It's made on handmade paper using watersoluble crayons and a black micron pen. New to me to use handmade papers with an uneven surface. That makes it a bit more difficult to do the penwork, but it is possible if one takes the time and work a bit slower.

It's not excactly a masterpiece, but I remembered to do it a bit different this time and was surprised on how well it worked out. Just by moving the shadows a bit away from the edges, it looks like the outer edges are pointing upwards. Can you see it, and isn't it fantastic how such a small detail can change the whole picture? I just want to do it more and more and more and share it all with you.
I promise, I won't do that. I don't need to share absolute everything on my blog, but I will keep making them though. I'm always looking for the ultimate one, but each time I'm done I still keep thinking I can do a better one. Probably there is no ultimate one, but I can't stop looking for it.


  1. Another beautiful mandala! I think you're the Mandala Queen!! No matter how many you make I never get tired of seeing them.

  2. I love all your mandalas. I think they're all masterpieces. This one is my absolute favorite so far. Wendy